Joy For All – Companion Pet – Golden Pup

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In between naps and being adorable real puppies require a lot of special attention. AGELESS INNOVATION’S JOY FOR ALL Companion Pet Pups has all the love in the world to give but it won’t chew up your slipper! Built-in sensors respond to motion and touch Feel the heartbeat with your calming touch Lifelike coat and authentic sounds Responds to your voice with BARKBACK technology Batteries Included: 4 x 1.5V Alkaline Batteries The revolutionary BARKBACK technology and touch-responsive movements give the Freckled Pup an authentic feel of a real-life puppy companion, recreating some of the more delightful moments of owning a dog!   Soft, pettable fur inspired by real dog breeds, cutting-edge built-in sensors, and “heartbeat” give our companion pet pup lifelike responses to motion and calming touches such as petting and hugging.   Bring comfort, companionship, and fun to aging loved ones! Hassle-free pet care and state-of-the-art technology make for a rich interactive experience both for older adults and anyone who could use some extra company. Thanks to built-in sensors and speakers the pup can recreate some of the more delightful moments of owning a dog including being a best friend for ageing loved ones. What will you name your new pup?